BC’s Cowichan Valley, the home of Averill Creek, earning high praise for Pinot Noir

Vancouver Island wines are beginning to make an impact on the B.C. wine map as the region closes in on two decades of production. It’s tiny at 3.5 to four per cent of all the wine made in the province, but size isn’t all that important in the site-driven world of wine where place matters.

Today the island spotlight is shining squarely on the Cowichan Valley, which lies 45 minutes north of metropolitan Victoria and its 350,000 inhabitants and less than three hours by ferry from downtown Vancouver. The Cowichan Valley owes its existence on the east coast of Vancouver Island to a series of large mountain ranges that grab most of the moisture that sweeps in off the Pacific Ocean, leaving Cowichan dry, much drier than the Fraser Valley just across the Salish Sea… Keep Reading on Vancouver Sun